Sargasso @ Wanstead Makers Market

We're happy to be joining other local makers at the Wanstead Makers Market on Saturday, 3rd June, in the beautiful Wanstead conservation area in East London. Entry is free and the market has a fantastic vegan pop-up cafe. Find us at Christchurch Hall on Wanstead village green, E11 2SW Click here for more information on the market.

The yin and yang of natural oils

While I've been working with natural oils and butters for a while, I appreciate that many of my customers haven't, and that they might find products that morph as they sit on their dressing tables a bit alarming. This article also might solve the mystery of why your oil isn't dispensing properly or at all. … Continue reading The yin and yang of natural oils

Genetic Roots of our Hair

Adhikari and his colleagues examined the DNA of 6,357 people from Latin America. The region is a genetic melting pot, with populations from European, Native American and sub-Saharan African ancestors. To find genes for different hair types, there can be few better places to look.

Caribbean Sea Acts as a Whistle, can be ‘heard’ from Space!

Reprinted from A study of the Caribbean Sea by University of Liverpool ocean scientists has revealed that, in the midst of all the noise of the ocean, this region behaves like a whistle, which blows so loudly that it can be 'heard' from space in the form of oscillations of the Earth's gravity field. … Continue reading Caribbean Sea Acts as a Whistle, can be ‘heard’ from Space!

Statement on Ethical Business Practises

Blue Mountain Apiary, Jamaica  One of the sites farmed by our friends at Blackbirds Farm, producers of our beeswax and honey infused with Blue Mountain coffee, ginger, and cinnamon notes. Sargasso sources raw ingredients from proven, reputable, and independent suppliers in the UK and around the world, especially in the Caribbean, where we are committed to doing business. … Continue reading Statement on Ethical Business Practises