Hair Story: Rosy

A tale of getting this millennial dancer's curly hair under control, frizz-free, and easy to manage with natural hair products ingredients. No keratin treatment, no way. This girl's natural curls rock!

Statement on Ethical Business Practises

Blue Mountain Apiary, Jamaica  Producers of our beeswax and honey infused with Blue Mountain coffee, ginger, and cinnamon notes. Sargasso sources raw ingredients from proven, reputable, and independent suppliers in the UK and around the world, especially in the Caribbean, where we are committed to doing business. We are always searching for unique and beautiful raw materials, … Continue reading Statement on Ethical Business Practises

The Family Hair

She was the toddler with a mohawk, the one who hated getting her hair combed, the kid who ran away screaming at the sight of a comb, and the beautiful child who her dad called the kid with the "dynamite hair style."

A Tale of a Vanishing Caribbean Tradition

Every island has fishing villages that feel centuries old, shores that are littered with broken boats (schooners), nets, and memories of the days of great catches. It's the proud and dying life memorialised in the late Derek Walcott's poem, The Schooner Flight. I know these islands from Monos to Nassau, a rusty head sailor with sea-green … Continue reading A Tale of a Vanishing Caribbean Tradition