Scents, Spices + Glass

Dreamy scents in beautiful apothecary glass bottles for the home, commercial settings, or  Christmas gifts!

We’ve been to two London-based suppliers to create these beautiful scented spice jars. Handcrafted glass from HSF Flint & Co. and natural things from G. Balwdin & Co.

While the botanicals already have a scent of their own, we’re adding layers with a few of our favourite spice, floral + citrus oils – dreamy, intriguing pimento leaf, frangipani and ylang ylang flower, dashes of cinnamon, black pepper, and orange.

Get in touch if you’d like us to make you one! The apothecary jars come in 4 sizes, from 1L to 5L. We’ll have a few of the smaller ones at the stall on Chatsworth Road.

4 jars and 200ml bottles_scent
Gorgeous glass apothecary jars

Scent in a bottle

close up of 200ml scent bottle_Christmas
pimento, cinnamon + frangipani scent in handmade 200ml glass (full silhouette in photo above); annatto seeds give the fluid a beautiful deep red-orange hue. And a few floating pimento berries and  star anise pods. . . for beauty’s sake


Layered Dried Spices in Apothecary Jar

layered spices
Layering dried spices in the 5L apothecary jar (35cm high x 19cm diameter). So far we’ve put in senna pods, dried orange slices, and cinnamon sticks. Still to come: bay leaf, hibiscus sabdariffa (sorrel), pimento and cracked nutmeg. Already it smells beautiful, and you can add more scent by simply drizzling scented oil over the layers. The scent can be controlled also by using the airtight lid when you don’t need to release any scent.
high view of 1.2L apothecary bottle with diffuser
The 1.2L apothecary glass bottle with airtight lid. We’ve sat a glass diffuser bottle with reeds inside. Dried orange slices, senna pods and freshly cracked nutmeg create a beautiful surround.
1.2L scent jar with diffuser; orange cracked nutmeg, senna
A close-up of the 1.2L apothecary glass bottle (above)

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