Hair Story: Rosy

A tale of getting this millennial dancer’s curly hair under control, frizz-free, and easy to manage with natural hair products and ingredients. No keratin treatment, no way. This girl’s natural curls rock!

Meet Rosy

A sassy, statuesque 19-year old musical theatre dancer and performer, Rosy gets her gorgeousness from her English mum and her Jamaican dad. We had the pleasure of meeting, to get through her hair woes. Here’s her story.


Music and Movement – it’s a Family Thing

Rosy’s first dance partner was her dad, who’s a qualified dance teacher. He used to be her ballroom and Latin dance partner, then became a Djembe (drummer) in the African drumming group, Dumisani, that she also played and danced with. He and her mum are currently living the dream, touring the country in a van. “Completely mum’s idea,” says Rosy. And she’s doing it whilst running a sewing business from the van. They’re a tough act to follow, for sure.

Three years on in her dance program, Rosy hopes to be dancing in the West End or touring in a musical one day soon.  Dancing  5 days a week, she doesn’t get much down time. But when she does, she loves watching films, reading books, and knitting. She’s also pretty eco-savvy and is proud of her artistic personality. Her favourite band are also her best mates, the Anna Mudeka band, whose music she describes as “sunshine on a CD.”

Hair Nightmare (oh no!)

Rosy’s busy schedule means that she needs an easy way of caring for her super curly locks. She was spending hours just detangling her hair after daily dance sessions (she’s required to wear her hair down to dance) and getting discouraged. She’d tried product after product. They worked for a little while, then . . . they didn’t anymore. She was even considering having a keratin treatment to straighten her hair. I asked her to describe her worst hair day, and she had this to say:

Right it’s all matted so much that my hair just sits in four sections of matt and the hair product that I’ve been using is flaking so much that my scalp has loads of product just sitting there, and it’s so so dry.

Argh. So I sent her a little care package of KokoVera hair + scalp products:

tt pouch Rosy

Hand-picked for Rosy’s high volume, long curly hair:

  • muru muru smoothie
  • sea buckthorn + coconut conditioner
  • aloe skin + hair tonic
  • hair + scalp oil

When we spoke about a week later, I could almost hear the big smile on the other end of the phone. I’ll admit I was nervous, because I know first hand how difficult it is to keep these curls in tip-top shape on the head of my active 6-year old. But Rosy was happy to report that she was getting the comb through her curls with ease, her hair was soft and “fluffy” (her word) . . . so cancel that keratin treatment! Her hair, after all, tells the story of who she is. Beautifully so.

Rosy’s New Routine for Healthy Curls

  • 2 x per week – use the muru muru smoothie (SeaFlower aromatherapy scent–her new favourite smell) as a pre-shampoo treatment and then use a little more for scalp therapy and to set and detangle hair in sections after conditioning with sea buckthorn + coconut conditioner
  • Every day – aloe skin + hair tonic to refresh curl and detangle and a couple of squirts of hair + scalp oil on scalp and ends

Our Tips for you if you’ve got hair like Rosy’s

  • Use shampoo infrequently, and when you do, use a sulphate-free formula, like our aloe + seaweed shampoo + bodywash.
  • Sleep with hair in a couple of quick plaits or tied up in a scarf.
  • Leave conditioner in your hair.
  • Use aloe vera lily water instead of plain tap water to spritz or refresh dry hair.
  • Curly hair is naturally dry. It needs oil, so make sure you are getting some in at the root and all the way to the ends every single day and leaving it in. You’ll have to try a little of each product at a time to see how much oil your scalp and hair need. Our leave-in products that contain oil, from heaviest and richest to lightest:
    • muru muru smoothie
    • hair + scalp oil
    • aloe skin + hair tonic

Try + Travel Pouch

Inspired to get your curly locks sorted so they can enjoy some summer down time? Choose the set I sent Rosy for your  Try + Travel pouch.

Got a different kind of hair or scalp need? Our products are designed to work in any type of hair and scalp, you just need to choose the right combination of products for your hair.

We’ll be featuring other hair types regularly in the Hair Story series. Interested to see if they’ll work for you? We’re looking for real people with hair problems to trial our products. Get in touch:

Thanks to Rosy and her family for sharing their story (and her hair) with me. All images were provided by her. She’s now definitely one of my favourite customers, and I can’t wait to book a ticket to watch this girl move!




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