Muru Muru Who?

Murumuru butter.

It’s the key ingredient in our Muru Muru Smoothie, which is great for keeping curly hair of any age or ethnicity in tip-top shape. It’s also excellent on beards and help any scalp maintain the proper balance of moisturising oils. (We’ll even have an unscented version, suitable for babies 6 months and older and those of you with sensitive skin, in just a few weeks!)

But what is it? Where does it come from? What makes it so fab?

murumuru palm
  • Astrocaryum Murumuru is a palm tree that’s indigenous to South America. That’s right, as in Amazonian. Good stuff.
  • The composition of the butter is similar to that of coconut butter, but its molecular structure (here’s where the science comes in) makes it a superior moisturiser.
  • It also has a higher melting point than coconut butter, so it keeps our smoothie from melting in warm weather. Handy.
Of course, we love that it’s wildcrafted. That means that the seed or nut is extracted by hand, so production supports a local economy, skilled with the knowledge of how to work with the palm.
The seed is carefully taken from the plant. The butter is then extracted through a process called pressing.
Can you see why it’s done by skilled hands?

Our Muru Muru Smoothie is available in 100g or 45g pots. How much you need very much depends on how much hair you (and your family) have got. We also offer a 20g trial size, which you can buy on it’s own or try along with our other hair + scalp products in the Try + Travel Pouch (a bargain at £8.50!).

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